This is the most vital part of our ministry. Nothing this big can happen without the covering of prayer. Not everyone wants us to be working downtown. We seek favor with the community at large, local businesses, and the people on the street. Pray for us each Friday as we go out on the streets.

Also, pray for the situation as a whole. Homelessness is a huge problem in San Diego, and the city is struggling to balance budgetary needs with the needs of the individual communities. Pray for the wisdom of the city leadership as they grapple with the issue.

Last, but not least, keep the homeless in prayer. They are going through an extraordinarily difficult time as they work to get jobs and get off the street.

Specific Prayer Points

  • Favor with the City and Businesses

    Some people prefer the NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) approach. They want homelessness gone from their immediate area. They don’t approve of what we are doing.

  • The Homelessness Problem

    The city and nation have many challenges when facing homelessness. Pray they have wisdom for making the best choice for their area.

  • The People Living on the Streets

    The people — our brothers and sisters — are hurting. Keep them in your prayer that we can be a comfort to them.

  • The impact We Make, One Person at a Time

    We want to make an impact, even it is for only one person. We want to share Christ’s love and have it spread.