Each Friday evening at 4pm, volunteers from various churches gather at Murphy Canyon Chapel to load four food wagons with chili, soup, cornbread, water, and other snacks. Most of the volunteers bring their families, including children. Once the wagons are loaded and organized, the group prays over the meal and heads downtown with the wagons, typically serving over 300 meals.

Many people living in downtown San Diego are on guard all the time.  Handing someone a cup of soup or chili, allows that guard to be let down temporarily.  We take that opportunity to listen to people.  Many just want to talk to someone and get out the feelings that they have bottled up.  We can often offer spiritual advise and sometimes healing to help them cope with their situation.  Many times we are asked to pray with someone, sometimes, we are just there to talk.  Whatever the situation is, we are ALWAYS blessed by it.  When we start, we may think that we are walking around with a wagon full of blessings to hand out, but we forget that we will receive just as many as we hand out.  These friends of ours are so grateful and so happy to see and talk with us, that their joy radiates into us.  We have a saying, it only takes once and you’ll be hooked.  That means, once you volunteer with us one time, your life will be changed and you won’t be able to stay away.  We invite you to try it out.

Deliverance, San Diego is a 501©3 organization and can satisfy any volunteering requirement you may have. Please let us know if you have that requirement, so that we can make sure to track your hours.

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