Each Friday evening at 4pm, volunteers from various churches gather at Murphy Canyon Chapel to load four food wagons with chili, soup, cornbread, water, and other snacks. Once the wagons are loaded and organized, the group prays over the meal and heads downtown with the wagons, typically serving over 150 meals.


Cooking meals for 200+ people is no small task. Coordinate with us via email, Facebook, or Twitter to see how you can help with this undertaking. Every bit helps! We currently have volunteers making vegetarian soup, chili, and sandwiches each week. Sometimes we get cookies and other baked goods.


Like any ministry, we have a continuous need for resources to keep the blessings flowing. Check here to see our list of material needs, from consumables to articles for the homeless. We also accept tax-deductible monetary donations, as some items we must purchase on a continuous basis.


Nothing this big can happen without the covering of prayer. We seek favor with the community at large, local businesses, and the people on the street. Pray for us each Friday as we go out on the streets. Click Here to see a list of prayer points for the ministry.